The Rain & The Rock

The Rain and the Rock

We had Gordon that swept in from the south. Now Florence blowing in to the east. On our drive to & from Chicago, it rained both ways. Now I’m setting with my puppy on my lap listening to even more droplets ping on the chimney. 

I’m sure we all are thankful that we are getting rain. Crops need rain. Flowers need rain. Wells need rain. Rivers need rain. But sometimes we just want to say, “enough”.

The amount of rain we receive is not in our hands. We have no control. The odd thing is how rain can be random in the same area. I went to Kroger to pick up a few items. While paying, a gully washer came down. I needed to hurry back to the church so ran to the van and was soaked to the bone.

By the time I traveled the 2 miles from store to Serenity, I noticed that the parking lot was as sunbaked as when I left 15 minutes before.

My favorite story in the Bible about rain is found in Matthew 7:24-29. The story of the wise man and foolish man has been taught to me in song and story since a little girl. What I have learned is that building on the rock is the wise way to go. But building on the rock takes time and planning. It is not something that happened overnight. The wise man had thought long before the storms came how to keep himself and his family safe and dry.

We have to do the same thing in our spiritual life. We have to plan early, prepare accordingly and know that our foundation is sure. We have to accept Christ and then we will know that our lives will be strong.
“Oh Christ, the solid rock I stand.
All other ground is sinking sand.
All other ground is sinking sand.”