Not Alone in the Battle


  This week was a blessing in a lot of ways.  We went to a Pastor’s Conference, where we heard great, Biblical preaching.  Yes, Pastors. Associates, Missionaries and even, Ministry wives need preaching.  Sometimes with the work of witnessing, encouraging, disciplining, teaching and just plain working around our churches, we need “feed” ourselves.  Have you ever been so deep in a project that you forgot to stop for lunch?  I know personally I have been that way in ministry; busy serving Jesus that I don’t take time to love on Jesus. So, this conference was a breath of fresh air in a busy week…month…year…life!!!                

Part of my enjoyment in going to these types of meeting is to encourage and be encouraged by other Ministry wives.  This year, due to circumstances, my 3 shopping buddies from last year (2 pastor’s wives and a sweet “new” associate’s wife) were not able to come to the meeting.  I was bummed at first. Who am I going to hang out with?  Who am I going to talk to this time?  Well, God had plans for me to meet, greet and encourage others.                     
Sweet Ayla, 24 weeks pregnant, brightened my day when she went to dinner with us.  It was a blessing to me to see how God is working in her life and in the ministry He has for her.                  
Carol lives less than 40 miles from me, yet it took us going to Canton (232 miles) to sit, share a few minutes of encouragement and promise to get together soon.  I promise!!!                    
Jackie had a tough week.  They arrived in Canton, ready to fellowship and hear God’s Word when she and her husband received a call to head back home because her father-in-law was rushed to hospital. This would a long drive to and from home for them and they never got to step inside the church.  I’m glad for texting as I checked on them all the way home.  Praise the Lord, her FIL is already home and doing okay.                    
Then there was Terry, Shannon, Rachel, Angela, Evelyn, Lynn, and many others that I was able to meet, reconnect with, or just thank them for being faithful women for Christ.                    
I know my ladies at Serenity appreciate what I do.  They tell me all the time.  And I am thankful that I have so many wonderful women to help me accomplish what needs to be done here at our church.  But sometimes we need friends who are “going through the battle” with us and understand what we are going through, and who know how to pray for our needs . Even things we can only share them with Jesus.                   
Thanks, Ministry friends near and far. We will stay faithful together until we are all “HOME”!!