History of Serenity Baptist Church


In 1985, a group of people in Norwood, Ohio felt the leading of God to start a church. The congregation met in the Odd Fellows Hall in Norwood for two years.  As they grew, they knew that they needed something more permanent, so the search for a building/land started. This led them to 7904 Third Street in West Chester, where they bought an existing church building.

In 2000, the church was able to pay off the property on Third Street and realized that they were soon going to need more space. Thus the search started again for additional land and/or building. In November 2002, the property at 9000 Cox Road became available and we were able to purchase it. The church took out a 20 year note for the $150,000 that was not provided by the sale of our property of Third Street and money raised by the church members. This loan was paid in full in seven years, in February 2010.

In 2012, continuing to grow, and knowing that in the future more land would be needed to build a bigger sanctuary and remodeling the facilities, God provided for the purchase of the property adjacent to us on Cox Road. This will keep us from becoming land locked and will also give us a prime place to continue to grow and minister to the needs of our community.
In Fall of 2017, we began the process of adding a new auditorium, more parking and updating our existing facilities to meet the needs of the growing congregation and the growth in our neighborhood. The new facilities will help us to be able to provide more classes, more activities and have more room for people to continue to bring their friends and neighbors to Christ.
We want to be a light here in West Chester, Mason and North Cincinnati but our light needs to shine even further.  That is why World Missions has always been an important part of the ministry here. With a Missions Conference or Missions Month every October, we bring in Missionaries to share their burden for other countries.  Then, throughout the year, Missionaries we support come back to report and share how God is blessing and using churches like ours to start churches around the world.